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"The Very Best of Playboar - Special Edition Hardcover" has arrived and is available for purchase. It's ALSO available in a fixed format digital eBook download. (See links below.) Our eBook versions (ePub & Mobi) are compatible with most tablets and digital devices (iPad, Kobo, Kindle, Google Books).  Playboar continues to entertain with this hilarious NEW edition. Preview FREE some of the book's content below.

The Very Best Playboar Book - Special Edition Cover
ISBN: 978-0-9953295-2-2
The ery Best Of Playboar Special Edition eBook Cover
ISBN: 978-0-9953295-4-6
The Very Best Of Playboar
Special Edition - Hardcover (Ignore the fact that Amazon says "Perfect Paperback." It's the hardcover version.)
(Print Version 84 pages)
Order Here: 


The newest Hard Cover Edition by million-selling author Thomas Hagey is available locally at Book Express (Cambridge Centre) and soon available through Amazon...and a growing list of outlets.

This is the real thing. Real Pigs, real photography, in familiar, hilarious, scenarios. PLUS the latest news about disgraced film producer Harvey Swinestein, as well as, Canada's favourite American President,  Donald J. RUMP and the entire Misogynist Movement.

Playboar also showcases some of the hottest sows in agriculture. From the Littermate of the Year to the Couple of the Month. Playboar thrills and delights with humorous editorial and hilarious parody Ads.

It's Thomas Hagey at his Punniest and Silly BEST!

eBook Version
The Very Best of Playboar

​Special Edition - Fixed Format ebook

The 84 page - Special Edition - Playboar in downloadable eBook format.

It is now available for download from the following 5 digital platforms: 

Download From Apple iBooks

Download from KOBO

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Download from Google Play

Thought Provoking Content Below
PLAYBOAR's Centerfold & Littermate Of The Year
Taffy Lovely Playboar Littermate of the Year
Life, Love, Liberty
& Luscious Loins
Ms. Taffy Lovely - PLAYBOAR's Littermate Of The Year
Still the Sexiest SOW on Earth - By Far
Taffy Lovely Playboar Littermate of the Year
May The Farce Be With You.
STAR BOARS - "Once Upon A Swine, In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away..."
Star Boars The Movie
U.S. President Donald J. RUMP
SWINE Magazine's  Misogynist Of The Year For The Second Consecutive Year
US President Donald J. Rump
The Harvey Swinestein Story
Swinestein to Star In biographical  film: "The Masturbationist" ... Soon To Be Released...
Film Producer Harvey Swinestein
NO Still Means NO!
Always Has - Always Will
Mutual Respect Is the most Important part of the Sexual Experience ...This doesn't mean that cheeky, creative, role playing can't be part of the intimacy equation :)
No Pigs Alowed
What The Bride Books Don't Tell You About Marriage...
DeBoars Diamonds
HUMANS Are An Acquired Taste...Some PIGS Say They Taste Like Chicken
Playboar Cartoon
Practice Safe Sex...Don't Piggy Back Without A Condom!
Playboar Cartoon - The Unknown Lover
GUYAGRA - Get It Up AND Get It On...What A Concept.
Playboar Parody - Guyagra Ad
Andy Warthole - Playboar Editorial
Naturally, The World's Best Comes At A Very High Price ...
Estee Slaughter - Parfum Pour Les Sows
Estee Slaughter - Playboar Parody Ad
AMAZING RIDE...But it's a PIG On Gas
Playboar Pigmobile - Hams Across America
PORK U  - Sexual & Social Advice For Practising PIGS
Pork U - Playboar Editorial
Feeling Naughty? Learn Where & WhenTo Draw The Line:)
Playboar Cartoon - Naughty Dottie
Thomas Hagey has been featured on or in the following media:
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Raves & Reviews

"If PIGS could fly...Thomas Hagey

would have started an airlines"

- Marsha Boulton

MacLeans Magazine

"Playboar is an irreverent, hilarious look at the human condition from the comfortable distance of Pigs..."


   "Playboar Is A Silk Purse

Of Hog-wild Wit and Wisdom..."

-Janet Cawley

The Chicago Tribune

Thomas Hagey - Author Photo
Author Thomas Hagey



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