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The Original Playboar Video

Featuring the original song "The People Want Meat"

              by Toronto Band "Only Human"

                                                      The People Want Meat


After the Sexual Revolution took hold in post war America, things were never quite the same. This compelling Playboy Lifestyle, was attributed mostly to Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine. It was initially intriguing to both men and women. Traditional values of monogamy, family duties and commitment, were replaced by the hedonistic lifestyle. It was described step-by-step in Playboy and was an attractive option to marriage, kids, house, dog, substantial debt and an early grave. The Golden Age Of Chauvinism had arrived. (In short, it can be reduced down to “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”)

Feminism (round one, the early years) had also arrived on the scene. And while Sex At The Office was initially exciting to both genders, when it became an incentive to advance one’s career it quickly lost its charm. The passion, creativity and after work gymnastics—often taking place in the photocopier room—soon became what we consider to be inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment by today’s standards. Perhaps the Golden Age Of Chauvinism merely went under ground for 30 years?

The Playboar video is the story of a pig farmer who crossed the line with his beloved barn full of swine. After accidently banging his head on the barn door he suddenly discovered that "Makin’ Bacon" could be another revenue stream to support his financially struggling farming operation. It was a prime example of blunderingly getting involved with the wrong people, becoming successful, but ultimately losing everything he deemed valuable...including the love of his life.

Thomas Hagey - Author Photo
Author Thomas Hagey



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