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Front cover of Cowsmopolitan by Thomas Hagey
COWSMOPOLITAN is a Bovine Spoof of the Fashion and Cowsmetic industries. It features some really funny ads and editorial AND of course, the bachelor of the Month Mr. AvailaBULL.
The front cover of Penthorse parody by Thomas Hagey
PENTHORSE is an Equine take off on one of the more explicit men's magazines of modern times. It features content which was created for the horsy set and the heart throb if the paddock Centerfoal Miss Dusty Fields 
Front cover of Playboar old version
The Best Of Playboar
The Best of PLAYBOAR was the oringal pig parody. It is now considered out-of-print. It has been replaced by our newest title, "The Very Best Of Playboar" available from this website.
The front cover of Vague The Fashion Parody by Thomas Hagey
VAGUE - The Fashion Parody
VAGUE - The Fashion Parody is one of my favorite titles. It takes a well-aimed kick at the Fashion and Cosmetic industries which is driven by the magical dreamland of modern advertising. It features relationship advice, hilarious product parodies and showcases the latest spectator sport phenomenon Scalplemania - hosted by the (WWFOCS) World Wide Federation Of Cosmetic Surgeons.
FLOG - The Golf Parody
Cover of FLOG the golf parody by Thomas Hagey
FLOG describes how the rest of us play GOLF.
It's Golf spelled backwards the world of Golf turned upside down. It features comical editorial, really funny equipment spoofs, golf training tips, and fashion recommendations. It's an hilarious take on the once elitist, almost always frustrating outdoor sport which has been described as "A Nice Walk Ruined."
(Available in both Men & Women's Editions )
Thomas Hagey - Author Photo
Author Thomas Hagey



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