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                                                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June, 2018

Contact: Heather Hagey

Playboar Publishing



                                                               The King of Parody Returns…

Million Selling Author Thomas Hagey Releases New Book – The Very Best Of Playboar

New Special Edition is another timeless classic to add to his current best sellers:             

Cowsmopolitan, VAGUE, Penthorse, and FLOG


Kitchener, Ontario:  Thomas Hagey's new hardcover release of "The Very Best of Playboar - Special Edition" has finally arrived and is available for human consumption.


The newest Playboar is more relevant now than ever before and has generated applause from both the male population and the #metoo movement. From its humble roots in the Golden Age of Chauvinism, The Very Best Playboar continues to spell out (and call out) the truths, myths, and struggles between the genders with hilarious results.


The King of Parody sharpens his  wit once again taking aim at such notables as disgraced movie mogul Harvey Swinestein, the Misogynistic U.S. President Donald J. Rump, and the just released “Once Upon a Swine”  Star Boars movie.


The new hardcover Playboar satirizes the content and editorial of men's and women’s magazines, mirroring modern day advertising and human sexual behavior from the comfortable distance of PIGS. The sexual revolution (Round 2) is just beginning ... and guess who likes it on TOP?

At a time when the world has become increasingly dangerous and far too serious, embracing Hagey’s laugh-a-page parody might be the right prescription for some much-needed comic relief. 


Hilarious Features...

The book features a tasteful 7 page Littermate of the Year pictorial of Ms. Taffy Lovely, along with ad spoofs for: Viagra, Calvin Swine Aphrodisiac Cologne, Esteé Slaughter perfume; The Shit Fit (The Fit Bit); Club Mud Resort & Spa, and Mudweiser Beer. Editorial Content: PORK U, a Sex Advice Column for Practising Pigs; A Swine’s Guide to Etiquette: Manners and other social suggestions for Boorish Pigs; Movie take-offs of films such as: Star Boars, Rooters of the Lost Ark, and Jowls (JAWS). As well as Retro Rock Band musical profiles of Pig Floyd and Lard Zeppelin.


More than 1.7 million print copies of Hagey’s books have been sold in North America, Australia and the UK.  The new title is a sumptuously produced glossy hardcover which is also available as an ebook on Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Google Books.



High Resolution Graphics Available on Request for accredited media platforms

In an interview Thomas Hagey can answer the following questions:


1. Is the now deceased Hugh Hefner and Playboy Magazine responsible for the gender inequality we are still seeing today?


2. True? Or False? Was feminist movement activist Gloria Steinem a former Playboy Bunny?


3. “No Means No! Even Amongst Swine!” is a strong message in Playboar… What do you mean by this?


4. Should Harvey Swinestein do prison time?


5. You have named  Donald Trump as  the “Misogynist Of The Year” … How has his presidency strengthened the women’s movement?


6. Does Viagra really work if the heart is not in the relationship?


7. What is an accidental threesome?


8. What does the #metoo movement think of Playboar? Do they not think that women are being depicted as pigs?


9. Is the Calvin Swine Aphrodisiac Cologne ad in Playboar (Pheromone Fushion)  really based on a real life arousal product for pigs which drives them into heat?


10. The Meaning of HAM: Farm Kids seem to have a head start in life. Through helping with chores at a very young age, rural children become wide-eyed participants in the breeding of livestock which at once defines the family farm business model AND provides clarification into the mystery of the survival of the species. Did this window to what went on out-behind-the-barn inspire you to write PLAYBOAR?


11. Guilty As Charged: When you were in the seventh grade you had a thriving (but rather brief) pay-per-peek file sharing business of (mildly) explicit material (ie Playboy Magazines). Your customers were other adolescent school boys and news traveled fast. Hence, you were caught red handed, dragged to the principle’s office, strapped-and-stripped of your inventory and put out of business. What happened?


12. Forever young: For numerous reasons, Women cling to the security of forever 29, and according to most women, men cling to the excitement and security of forever 12. Why do men get stuck at 12? Why do you suppose it eventually drives their spouses crazy?


13. You maintain that fashion magazines are equally responsible for women’s reduced self esteem which can send them on a life long journey to fix something that isn’t broken. Explain.

The cover of the new parody book The Very Best of Playboar by Thomas Hagey
Thomas Hagey - Author Photo
Author Thomas Hagey



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